In this family of products we differentiate between micronized quartz (Q series MIBER) and silica sand. Silica sand of differences sizes is obtained by sreening the raw material. No grinding is done.

The range of micronized quartz has the same whiteness, and we offer the following products from low to high particle size:

  • Quartz Miber® Q-10
  • Quartz Miber® Q-50
  • Quartz Miber® Q-80
  • Quartz Miber® Q-125

We have the following silica sand products:

  • Quartz Miber® 200/60
  • Quartz Miber® 300/100
  • Quartz Miber® 600/60
  • Quartz Miber® 900/400
  • Quartz Miber® 1600/160

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