Minerales Roset, S.L. has an experience of 40 years in the micronization and marketing of minerals used for multi-sector industries in various applications.

We are a family business which was founded and run by Joan Roset until 2006, when he passed the baton of leadership and management to the new generation.

MIBER is a veteran company for his career, experience and permanence in the sector, but young in motivation, innovation and people who integrate the management team. 

MIBER was founded with a strong vocation to supply the market with the highest purity and whiteness micronised minerals, and with a commitment to quality and service to our customers. After all these years, these principles remain unalterable. 

During the eighties we were pioneer in the mineral import of nonexistent qualities in the domestic market. This allowed us to establish close partnerships with our suppliers that ensure the continuity in the technical specifications of the raw materials that we import and we process. 

Moreover, in order to satisfy the market demands, throughout these years we have expanded the product range, so we can currently supply all necessary mineral fillers for the formulations of our customers. 

All this and what is left for the future, would not have been possible without the confidence demonstrated daily by our customers, with whom we have grown hand in hand during this time. Our track record and this confidence, legitimises us as a serious and reliable supplier.